Shocking -Myspace Cult Exposed

Last night I posted a Blog regarding a woman who befriended me on Twitter and tried to lure me into a Myspace ‘cult’ of Pro-Anorexics. I have not been able to shake that conversation from my mind all day and I feel that I should be doing something to stop this for safety of the young girls who are a part of this ‘cult’. During the conversation with the woman who had invited me, I panicked and blocked her from contacting me again, before logging out of the website. When I logged in again today, I noticed a message that she had sent me that I had not previously seen.
In the message, she explained more details about the group. She said that the girls regularly post pictures of malnourished models in order to ‘inspire one another’ and that she does regret ‘getting into it’ and that she feels that she may be responsible deaths.
When she first contacted me, I read in the Bio section of her Twitter profile that she ’Loves God’ and he guides her through her troubles. I have not enclosed this in my Blog yet, but I get voices in my head from ’God’ which I am trying to vanish. At first thought, I felt ‘in safe arms’ knowing that I had made friends with a Christian who was offering to support me through my road to recovery. Thinking about that now, if I was a young girl, feeling the way that I do, getting offers like that of friendship, then I would not look back. I can see how easily these girls are falling into a trap. It breaks my heart to think that somebody would take advantage of a minor’s vulnerability, exploiting their fears and brainwashing them into believing that they should starve themselves to feel better. Not only is this woman 29-years-old and old enough to know better, but she is surely causing more damage than magazines and actresses who get so much media coverage for peer pressure.
I feel strongly against everything that this ‘cult’ encourage and I am inspired by my own journey to encourage others to help put an end to this malicious campaign.


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A very long journey of help for a lifelong eating disorder. I hope that readers can learn more about these issues through reading my Blog. I believe that there should be more support for families and more resources for parents. I appreciate any comments, questions and feedback. Thank you so much for stopping by. x A pert De vous. View all posts by shefacingdemons

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